La Maggiore Cristallina LIMITED!



Another original innovation in the three shell game. For the first time, you can have a set of “crystal” shells. New molds have been created based on our original La Maggiore design with additional external texture for enhanced gripping. The shells have been cast in a clear resin that appears similar to cut and polished glass. The interior is smooth and they handle as well as our other shells. Most shell-game moves are possible with this set of shells. Imagine being able to show the pea through the shell (spectators can see a hint of green through the side of the shells when the pea is near the side walls) and then have the spectators scrutinize the shells to determine where the pea is located. When the pea is centered under the shell it is difficult to discern.

No expense was spared to produce this special collectible item. Each set comes packaged in a specially designed and hand-crafted walnut box with laser-engraving and laser-cut interior foam housing (in top and base) to protect the shells. Packed with a uniquely numbered, hand-signed limited edition certificate and one Perfect Pea, they are the ultimate in collector’s items. Only 30 numbered sets will ever be produced. From the special molds designed for the limited run to the packaging and certificate, these are top quality. These are only available for a short time and we expect they will sell out shortly, so get your set today.

AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. To purchase La Maggiore Cristallina go to the shell shop.