Equipment for the three shell game. Keep an eye out here for some exciting new products soon to be released!

La Maggiore “Organics” $74.95 

La Maggiore "Organics"

Acting on advice from shell game legend Harry Anderson, we took the original La Maggiore shells and gave them to a master woodcarver who lovingly textured the interior to more accurately reflect the interior of a natural shell after removing the nut kernels. The veining and texture of the interior of a natural walnut shell are represented in a way that is almost unrecognizable from the real thing. This reinforces the apparent reality of the shells yet handle just as smoothly as the La Maggiore “Classic”.  Additional texture added to the exterior of the shell enhances the grip. Handcrafted by a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. Molded and finished by hand. Three identical shells with two working peas. Made to last a lifetime.

La Maggiore Cristallina $249.95

For the discriminating performer/collector. No expense was spared to produce this special collectible item. Each set comes packaged in a hand-crafted walnut box with laser-engraving and laser-cut interior foam housing (in top and base) to protect the shells. Packed with a uniquely numbered, hand-signed limited edition certificate and one Perfect Pea, they are the ultimate in collector’s items. Only 30 numbered sets will ever be produced. From the special molds designed for the limited run to the packaging and certificate, these are top quality. These are only available for a short time and we expect they will sell out shortly, so get your set today. For more details and photographs see the La Maggiore Cristallina webpage.

La Maggiore “Classic” $74.95

Our original creation. Each shell is cast and finished by hand by a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. Three identical shells with two working peas. Made to last a lifetime. The finest shells you can buy, La Maggiore shells are the choice of top professionals around the world. From street to stage, you will be astounded at how well they perform.

“Classic” Solid Shell Set $99.95

La Maggiore “Classic” set plus duplicate solid resin shell (1 oz.). Add one more layer to the con. Have solid shell in play and have spectator lift to confirm that pea is still there. When they lift, not only is there no pea, but no place for it to have been in the first place. This is the shell set used in Dusty Johnson’s Diversions for the Shell & Pea Game (see our “Books” page).  Solid shells only available as part of a set. Great care is taken to match the shell colors to ensure exact matches. Please contact us if you already have La Maggiore and would like to add this to your repertoire.

Pseudo Shot Glass $10

A shot glass (not) that can tote your La Maggiore shells and serve as the big finish. Many have asked us to find a shot glass to fit La Maggiore. Unfortunately, no manufactured shot glass is currently big enough! However, we have a glass that to all outward appearances is a shot glass (but it’s not). For those who like to carry their shells in their close-up case.

The Perfect Pea $15

The School for Scoundrels Perfect Pea is made of an injection-molded polymer and are perfectly smooth and uniform. They are a bright green color (like a fresh pea). This color shows up well against almost any mat or performing surface. They are washable and never lose their grip. They will work fine on any type of surface—even glass or marble. These are regarded by most professionals (including Bob Sheets, Lennart Green, Rich Marotta, and Johnny Thompson) as the best peas ever made available for the shell game. Set includes five Working Peas and two Straight Peas.